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  • Monday to Friday     -      9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
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Dr. Pratyush Kumar, General Physician

MBBS, DNB - Family Medicine (Sir Ganga Ram Hospital), MNAMS, PGDHIVM
‚Äč Dr. Pratyush Kumar is a physician working at Patna Medical College Hospital with motto of comprehensive care, affordable and high quality services.

He has published many research papers on infectious diseases, diabetes etc and presented at international conference in SriLanka, Turkey, Brazil, Australia, Thailand, China, Kazakhastan, Korea & Japan.

Our Health care Services

For areas Within easy access and near to clinic. With only prior appointment.

Orthopedic Problems

Arthritis, Pain (knee pain, hip pain, joint pain, muscle pain, etc.)

Fever and Flu

Viral fevers, cough, flu, malaria, typhoid, dangu etc.

General Problems

general Weakness, Diabaties, High and Low blood Pressure etc.

Skin Problems

Allergy, Itching, Rashes, Pimples and all skin related problems.

Cardiac Problems

Heart Attack, Stroke, high & blood pressure and all types of heart related issues

Digestive Problems

constipation, indigestion and all digestive related problems.

Our Diagnostics

Complete health check up , Whole body health check up

We provide complete health check up and consultation from one of the best physician in patna at affordable price.

Diabetes checkup

We provide complete checkup with all tests relevant to diabetes and do complete clinical assessment by one of the best diabetologist in Patna. Dr. Pratyush Kumar has vast experience in diabetes management. He runs a special diabetic clinic in patna.

Leading the way in Medical Practice

Filariasis needs proper treatment else there is risk of elephantiasis.

Diabetes is getting very common these days with many young people diagnosed with it. Initial management is lifestyle modifications and diet control. As diabetes affects all organs like kidneys, heart, liver etc it requires thorough examination to look for complications such as neuropathy, nephropathy, retinopathy etc. Based on various reports treatment is done. Consultation fee is Rs 400.

We provide expert advice and consultation on dengue fever. We also counsel regarding disease manifestations and provide free information booklet on dengue fever. Feel free to call and book appointment by calling on the helpline number.

Chikungunya is a viral illness similar to dengue fever. It also spreads by mosquito bite. It also presents with fever, body ache, headache, rash etc. We provide expert advice and consultation for chikungunya fever. There is also lab facility

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